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I remember my grandfather, I called him Sjabon who was an incredible gardener, showing me the ‘pretty flowers’ when I was about 3 years old and thinking ‘but what does it do’? As a child I wanted to be a doctor and was always playing hospitals, bandaging dolls and teddies and giving them various concoctions from the garden, generally rose or begonia petals in water which turned into a smelly brown slime –lovely! I later decided on a science career inspired by the story of Watson and Crick and the possibility of making a new discovery! So I went off to study a microbiology & genetics degree and worked in science after I graduated. The lab was interesting but I missed the people contact so I re-trained in Aromatherapy and then Aromatic Medicine so the science came full circle in the end – Sjabon was very proud!

Nowadays I still make people feel better, but the clients are real people and thankfully the ‘concoctions’ smell a whole lot better than the ones I used to make as a child!

I believe that so often nature has the answers and to be able to put that to work whilst making a difference to people’s lives is a huge privilege and one that gives me enormous satisfaction and pride. As one client said “I feel very safe and confident in your hands, it’s wonderful”, what better way to work than that!


An introduction to Shelley Baker and Aromatic Therapy by Shelley and some of her clients. Watch as Shelley gives a personal insight into who she is; what she does; how her Aromatic Therapy can work for and benefit you and why Shelley’s Aromatic Therapy is different from standard aromatherapy.


In 1994 I had a nasty horse riding accident, the horse was ‘spooked’ and I went over the front, landing on my head but on the way down I caught the horse’s knee with my head causing a whiplash injury to my neck. I rode back to the stable but in the car on the way home couldn’t feel my left side, after an x-ray the Dr thought my neck was broken and commented that ‘girls aren’t supposed to fly, next time you won’t be so lucky’… Needless to say the pain was horrendous and the painkillers the hospital gave me weren’t effective. So I resorted back to my oils and a blend for pain, which, to my surprise worked! It turned out to be a ‘lucky’ accident, although I’ve given up horses nowadays! As I continued my Aromatic Medicine training I altered the ‘recipe’, which has evolved over the last 20 years into the formula I use today for Muscle Gel.

Muscle Gel is used by sports people and overworked gardeners or those doing manual work and even some people going through chemotherapy find it helps with the achy side effects. I’ve now developed a bath soak to help ease aches and pains at the request of sports people doing winter training.


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