Aromamummy™ Express

One Month to De-Stress

Would you like to feel relaxed and manage your stress better with a one month easy to follow plan and have a lovely relaxing massage?

  • Massage and follow up call
  • 30 day De-Stress plan and follow up call/skype

Aromamummy™ Stress-Busting Programme

Do you struggle with day-to-day stress and find it hard to switch off and find 'me time'? Do you suffer with poor sleep and often feel anxious?

Are you worrying about being pregnant or giving birth to your baby?

  • Initial Consultation and basic tests
  • Treatment Plan and handouts, including aromatherapy in labour advice
  • Monthly massage
  • Health Check after each session
  • Bespoke Aromastick and cream or bath product per session
  • Sleep Plan and diary
  • Aloe Vera gelly
  • Stretch mark cream

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