When I first went to Shelley, I was suffering from very stiff upper back, neck and shoulders - probably caused by years of bad posture and stress. Shelley's skillful massage and knowledge of which oils to use, eased it all away. Regular sessions continue to help reduce both muscular tension (leading to fewer osteopath appointments!) and general stress levels, and I always leave with a wonderful feeling of well-being.

J Ingles

I was first recommended to make an appointment with Shelley Baker by my doctor after being involved in a car accident and injuring my neck/back. That was probably back in 2006 and from my first appointment I found Shelley to be very knowledgeable, caring and reassuring. I now see Shelley regularly (once a month) and still look forward to each appointment, knowing I will be treated professionally and courteously. Shelley’s treatments are always relaxing and tailored to my specific needs at each visit – whether I feel I want more relaxation or pain relief etc. She always spends time before my treatment asking me various questions to enable her to gauge my needs at that time. Another service she offers is that she is always available to answer questions, either via email or telephone and in the past has made up individual aromatherapy sticks for me to help with stress, colds, sore throats etc. I would not hesitate to recommend Shelley’s aromatic therapy to anyone for both treatments and products. I use both her muscle gel (when needed) and her recently developed bath soak.

Elaine Bingham, 2015

Since I started to have my regular monthly massages with you, I have felt much more relaxed overall and better able to cope with the occasional muscle strain from gardening or spending too long at my desk. Before coming to see you what, ten years ago now?, I used to let stress get to me and taking more care of my car than of my body. I'm sure I am also more productive at work through being better balanced both mentally and physically. You're a permanent member of my support team, as I think you know!

Andy Maslen, July 2014

I was recommended to see Shelley by my Chiropractor to help with the muscular tension in my neck. I find the massage not only eased my muscle stiffness but also the essential oils relieve so many of my menopause symptoms. I now consider my monthly massage not as a luxury but as being essential to my well-being, I just feel so good afterwards and haven’t had to go back to the chiropractor regarding my neck pain.

Paula Page, July 2011

I have being seeing Shelley for over ten years now, mostly on a monthly basis. My work is, at times, very physical, working with dairy cattle, and over the years I have had various injuries and strains to muscles in my back, shoulders and neck. At my monthly treatment Shelley enquires about how things have been since my last visit and any specific problem bothering me before tailoring a blend of oils to address my needs. Along with her knowledge of oils to use to target problems, Shelley’s massage is second to none. Starting gently, followed by intense deep muscle massage which I benefit from greatly - especially on my neck and shoulders which are normally very tense and knotted before my session - and finishing with gentleness designed to make you feel totally relaxed and stress free! Also I have found massages with different blends of oils beneficial for when I am not feeling well, for general ailments. Use of uplifting oils for when I’m tired but still need to go back to work, as well as relaxing oils for the few times I can go home and chill out after my treatment. Recently due to stress I was having trouble sleeping. I would go bed and lay awake tossing and turning for hours, my mind going over about work, and when I did doze off, I came awake in a panic after a very short time. It got to a point where I was getting only 3-4 hours’ sleep a night, and exhausted I went to my GP. She suggested I could try sleeping pills for a while. To me this was not an option, as I am “on call” at night-time if there are problems at work. I decided to see if Shelley could help me, perhaps with some different oils with my massage. It was them I learned about “bespoke” aroma sticks – Shelley mixed essential oils into an aroma stick for me to sniff at bedtime – and like magic I am asleep within ten minutes of going to bed, and normally sleep through the night! This has been a life saver for me, and definitely preferable to sleeping pills! I have found treatments to extremely beneficial over the years, and look forward to many more.

Rosalie Varndell

I've been visiting Shelley now and then for over 10 years. Sometimes it's because I need help with relaxing or ease from aches and pains. Sometimes it's because I want to be pampered. Whatever the reason, and whatever state I arrive in, I know that I will have an hour or so of peace and calm and that I will emerge feeling chilled out and ready for anything! Thank you Shelley


I am an endurance athlete and have completed many Ultra and standard marathons which has resulted in my right knee becoming extremely warn and now has grade 4 arthritis on all surfaces. I was introduced to Muscle Gel at Bemerton Football Club by the club physio. Up to this point I had been taking various painkillers, including the very powerful drug Tramadol, of which none had been successful in stopping the dull aching pain I have been suffering 24/7. This pain in turn had been preventing me getting complete sleep patterns, which makes the following day even more challenging. I have used the gel for just over 6 weeks and in that time have not had to take any painkillers of any form, sleep is great and for me the miracle continues – thank you so much for this life changer

Jim Totczyk, Aug 2016

I’ve used this gel for a number of years. It works very well at relieving tension in both chronic and acute muscle cramping, I recommend it to my patients as part of their treatment plan.


I am a 39 year old tri-athlete and have used Muscle Gel for about 8 months now. Generally for my weekly mileage I swim 4km to 6km, cycle 200km to 275km and run 10km to 20km. I have found Muscle Gel to be beneficial to my training. Muscle Gel has a mild warming effect on the skin and certainly helps loosen muscles before exercise and has a positive effect on the post training recovery phase. Before I started using Muscle Gel, it was not uncommon for me to suffer from lower back discomfort after being in the saddle for 45 minutes, but I found that applying Muscle Gel before the ride would alleviate this problem. I recently completed a 12- day cycling training camp in Mallorca where our shortest ride was 80 miles and our longest 110 miles. I was sure to take my Muscle Gel with me and always applied it to my thighs and lower back as part of my ride preparation and also in the post ride routine. I am without doubt that Muscle Gel helped me through those rides by preparing my muscles before the ride and also in the post ride recovery. I will continue to use Muscle Gel as I have found it to be a useful tool in my training.

Mark Daniels, 2016

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